the human body movement

The principals of right posture, as I see them, are derived from the existing principals of all kinds of human movements: walking, running and every other action. 

What is the "goal" of body movement and why do we deal with it?

The purpose of human body movement mechanism is to enable performance of all the routine actions we need to do in order to live an independent life: talking, breathing, moving our body from place to place, bending, rising up, holding things, raising things, pushing, jumping, running away or hiding (standing is also defined in this book as a movement).

However, most people can perform all these movements without any explanation about the movement system of the body, as a beetle doesn't need an explanation about coordination between its right and left side to move straight.

So why should people deal, know, learn and understand about the movement of their body?

Safe and healthy use of body

Humans have more vulnerable and fragile body structure than other mammals, mostly because they stand upright on the narrow basis of their two foots. It makes each action to more complicated and also dangerous if it is not performed right. The risk might be immediate or for long term, but it exists, especially in people who do not use their body properly. Internalization of movement principals will help to keep the body safe and sound, body which won't be eroded during incorrect daily activity, and will help to act in the way which will protect and carry out it well.

Most people separate between the life itself and periods of time they devote to exercise and body strengthening. Gyms, yoga and pilates institutes contribute to this separation as in these organizations people perform exercises for body strengthening which are detached from those kinds of movement and activities they do in their everyday life.   

Strengthening of the body through a correct movement

 My claim is that a correct use of the body could allow people to strengthen their body muscles – during the life itself. I do not rule out these initiated activities, the opposite is true: in order to become able to carry the weight of our body correctly, strengthening of the body in an initiated way is essential. Although it is important to realize that the reason we should strengthen our body is not aesthetic but practical.

Native, correct and effective movement

In order to understand what the "natural" movement is, and how we, adults, should perform our daily activities properly, we should take a look on children playing. It seems like they able to perform an infinite "work", with no laziness or tiredness or shortcuts of adults: in order to arrange something on the floor, they sit down or at least kneel down and do not try to arrange it with bending of their back only. In order to dig a pool of water in sand, they do not "shorten" the way: they walk to the water, kneel toward waves, fill a bucket with water, line up, come back, sit down, pour the water, get up again, go back to the sea and so on. Children's body performs "work" all day long, in graceful and pleasant, but almost always effective manner and without the feel they are working, burning out or getting tired.

In this book we will try to understand how we, adults can use our body in this essential way, without feeling heavy and tired and how could we perform all those activities mentioned above, in the most effective and productive way, which will not only increase the "output", but also enable the body function in the way that will fill it with vitality and boundless energy.